Our tech guys are available to help you with everything from setting-up your phone, to building or upgrading your PC, to laying out a LAN network for the office or installing a wireless network for your clients.Give us a call to learn more on how TRS TECH can help your business.


We can configure your business computer to meet your specific needs. We also can set up internet access, email, routers and networks as well as troubleshoot any virus and spyware issues.


Looking to enhance your customer’s experience with access to a
wireless network for your diner or store? Or do you need a LAN set-up
for your employees to share files and printers? Give us a call and let us
help you become a more efficient business.


We can perform regular system maintenance minimizing business
downtime due to equipment errors or sluggish computers. Currently we:
  • Optimize the performance of an old computer
  • Secure the computer
    and remove bugs (viruses, spyware and such)
  • Scan for and remove
    viruses and spyware
  • Defragmentation and boot-up optimization
  • Remove un-wanted software
  • Install security software


We have fast become experts in security camera installations, enabling
remote monitoring from your phone or any device that is connected to
the internet. We can also integrate TRS Security into our On-Demand
software packages to give a complete 360-degree view of your
business from sales figure, to inventory, to accounts receivable and
employee logins, and now a bird's eye view of your business, all in real-
time. Let us know how we can help give you peace of mind.